25 Things That Make You Realise You’re An Actual Adult

Read time: 2 Minutes

Adulthood. When did that happen?

One minute you were drinking at a Tuesday night house party with your mates until 4am and now you’re in your pyjamas at 9pm, looking at the Ikea website wondering which cushions would match the new curtains you bought.

The transformation into a fully fledged adult feels like it just sneaks up on you, but if you look and listen carefully to the world around you, you will realise that there are those small but significant moments which signify that you’re turning into a real life grown up.

    1. When you take sick days off work, they are actual sick days.
      Signs you are a real adult - taking real sickness days
    2. Binge watching an entire TV show in one day no longer feels like an accomplishment but instead fills you full of anxiety about your life choices.
      binge watching series
    3. You think about how you want to feel on a Sunday morning before deciding if you want to go out on a Saturday night.
      gif about hangover
    4. Your phone is full of pictures of your pets or children or home décor.
      pictures of pets
    5. You will sometimes spend over €7 on a bottle of wine.
      gif woman drinking wine
    6. Things crack when you bend down.
      feeling old
    7. And you can’t get off a sofa or out of bed without making that old person ‘ooft’ sound.
      gif with woman sitting down
    8. When you spend time with teenagers, you feel like you’re a 95 year old who no longer understands English.
      old woman
    9. Treating yourself means buying new kitchen utensils.
      cooking with a glam outfit
    10. When you need to visit the doctor or dentist, you no longer call your mum to make the appointment for you. You either do it yourself or just avoid going altogether.
      going to the doctor
    11. You take vitamins.
      vitamin pills
    12. You always seem to be filling out long, complicated forms for things.
      filling in a form
    13. You’ve eaten salad because you wanted to eat salad.
      woman eating salad
    14. You exercise because you’re aware that someday you will die.
      dog lifting a leg
    15. You’ve killed a spider in your house because you were the only person there to do it.
    16. You read the news because you want to. And as a result you can probably hold a conversation about current affairs/politics/the economy that lasts longer than 30 seconds.
      Homer Simpson reading a newspaper
    17. Your weekends are spent running errands and cleaning.
    18. You start saying ‘congratulations’ to friends who announce their pregnancies.
    19. You spend a lot of time Googling when you have an injury or illness, convincing yourself that the end is coming.
      woman talking at the phone
    20. You no longer get FOMO. You’re happier when you’re alone in your home and not at a club past midnight.
      grown up
    21. You no longer feel the need to delete all your messages, social media accounts and general existence after a night of drinking.
      Sheldon Cooper giggling
    22. You have work clothes.
      work clothes
    23. Sometimes you need to stop what you’re doing to remember things.
      forgetting things
    24. Sentences that your parents used to say sometimes come out of your mouth making you realise that you are now them.
      behaving like your parents
    25. Instead of ‘going home’ for Christmas you go to your parents’ house for Christmas.
      I am an adult

Life is an unpredictable adventure.

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