20 weird and wonderful things only mothers do

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Being a parent is a wonderful, joyous, lifechanging experience. It’s also weird, strange and even disgusting at times, leading you to do things that you never in a million years thought you would be doing – like catching your child’s vomit with your bare hands.

Below is a list of things that only mothers do. If you have kids, you’ll probably chuckle ‘yep’ at each of these, if not, here is a taste of what to expect if you ever do decide to have children one day. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  1. Not having a name anymore. Being known as mammy, referring to yourself as mammy and having others (including your partner) refer to you as mammy.
    Mom mom mom
  2. Running away and hiding to eat a snack so you don’t have to share it.
    eating a snack
  3. Teaching another living human how to use a toilet.
    Teach babies how to use a toilet
  4. Not thinking twice about going outside the house with a baby puke stain/pee on your top.
    baby puke on your top
  5. Being a master of the ‘lift and sniff’. For those who don’t have kids, this is the practice of lifting your baby’s bum to your face and sniffing it to check if their nappy is full. Which you know it is.
    Check nappy
  6. Tasting a brown stain on your child to check if it’s chocolate or poo.
    regret choice
  7. Finding yourself watching your child’s cartoon after they’ve left the room and being genuinely interested in what’s going to happen next.
    Watching cartoons
  8. Rocking yourself back and forth to soothe the baby even when you don’t have the baby and you’re completely alone.
    Rocking yourself back and forth
  9. Cheering when your child poos. And then sending celebratory pictures of your child’s poo to your partner.
    Baby poo
  10. Picking your child’s nose.
  11. Eating their food scraps. Sometimes even the half chewed up ones.
    Nom nom nom
  12. Fishing a poo out of the bath.
    Baby in the bath
  13. Fishing toys out of the toilet.
    Fishing toys out of the toilet
  14. Cherishing time alone in the toilet.
    Time alone in the toilet
  15. Cleaning your child’s face with your own spit.
    Child eating chocolate
  16. Dancing and singing in front of your child in a way that you would never do in front of another human.
    Woman dancing
  17. Not really caring about getting peed on.
    Disgusted woman
  18. Using your hands as a bin for your child’s chewed up food or something they’ve put in their mouth and decided is yucky.
    Thi is yucky
  19. Cleaning a dirty dummy by sticking it in your own mouth.
    Bby and dog
  20. Taking a drink of your child’s drink even though you know it’s 95% backwash.
    This is not poison

What weird and wonderful things do you do as a mother? Let us know by using the hashtag #MyIrishLife

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