Make 2018 Your Year to Shine! 3 Golden Rules to Keep Your Resolutions on Track

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Congrats! You’re now on the home straight to making it through the Winter Blues.

You barely recognise your kitchen cupboards without the stockpile of tins of Roses and come to think of it, your waistline is beginning to thank you for it.

But let’s be honest – it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

The temptation to sink back into old habits hasn’t exactly kept itself at bay. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Over a third of resolutions have been put back on the shelf before the end of January.

Sound familiar?

Luckily, we’re here to offer you some top tips for making sure your New Year’s Resolutions become much more than that.


Keep calm and carry on

We’d like to offer a helping hand so you can become an even better you! Below are our 3 Golden Rules for keeping on track for the whole year.

1. Join a group

We’ve all heard of the old saying “the more, the merrier!” Well, this is the key to transforming your newly-pledged resolutions into a way of life.

Rather than go it alone, consider trying out a spinning class at your local gym or get out in the great outdoors and join a running group. Turning a less-than-favorable activity into a social event can help us stick to it in the long run. It also helps to give us that extra boost at times when our motivation seems to have deserted us.

For those of you wanting to learn a new skill offers a range of social groups where members can get together and have a chat about their shared interests.


2. Make a note of it

Keeping track of your progress is a great way to monitor just how far you’ve come.

By logging your efforts each day you’ll be able to see exactly where all your hard work is going. Being able to clearly account for those blood, sweat and tears is enough to sustain the same amount of enthusiasm as you had on Day 1 right through to Day 365.

Better still, in this day and age there’s most likely an app to help you along your way.

Some of our top recommendations are MyFitnessPal for tracking your fitness goals, DuoLingo for learning a new language or Headspace to remind yourself to relax each day. Cup of tea anyone?


3. Treat yourself!

Going cold turkey is almost a sure way to throw even those with the strongest of willpower off course.

Believe it or not – giving yourself a break from your new lifestyle can actually help keep those promises to yourself. Sooner or later, you can bet that little devil on your shoulder is going to pop up and try to steer you back to your old ways.

To keep your control over any temptation, make sure to reward yourself when you’ve been particularly good.

Whether this be indulging in some retail therapy or sharing that piece of Red Velvet cake over a coffee date, enjoying these little perks once every so often will work wonders for you and your wellbeing.

Simply put – it will make you happy (and keep you sane!)


The recipe for success

And just like that, you have your cheat sheet to keeping yourself on target!

Remember – it is important to be patient while you adapt to your new lifestyle. You can bet things will take a bit of time, especially with this amount of work and dedication.

Your journey is entirely your own, so try to hold off comparing yourself to others. Even if you find yourself putting off your new habits more often than intended, don’t wait until the next year to start again.

After all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

We’d like to hear what lifestyle changes you have made this month using #MyIrishLife along with any tips to keep us focused on our goals.

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