Don’t be a Valentine’s Day Cliché – There’s a New Kind of Present for Your Loved One

Do traditional Valentine’s Day presents stand the test of time, or would you consider something that will keep your loved ones safe, like an insurance cover?

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Do traditional Valentine’s Day presents really stand the test of time, or is there a new kind of gift making its way into the heart of your special someone?

Where does the time go?

It seems like it was only last week when we were splashing out to treat the better half to the perfect prezzie for Christmas.

Now the dust has settled (or should we say glitter), the new pair of socks have been worn in and we’ve had the whole month of January to get ourselves back in gear. But with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re back to square one and left wondering “What do I buy the person who has everything?”

Luckily, you’ll be glad to hear, help is at hand.

Avoid the last minute dash to the petrol station, frantically searching for a bunch of roses that don’t look as if they’ve been pawed over. They always do. No matter how much we try to convince ourselves “they’ll do the job”.

Diamonds and rubies.

Are these really some of her favourite things?

There’s been less people spending on Valentine’s Day overall, and even more so on the gimmick teddy bears clutching ‘I Love You’ hearts. It’s easy to understand why, but in that case what should we get our special someone?

For those who have been tied down for a while now, you’ll know more than anyone there’s only so much bottles of perfume you can buy for your special lady (without them catching on – at least!)

You might have found yourself doing the rounds; flowers for Valentines, jewellery for her birthday, weekend away for the anniversary and perfume for Christmas. You may as well mark them on the calendar at this rate.

There’s only so much juggling around you can do with – what you thought was – a failproof plan.

Spoilt for choice.

Of course, there’ll always be plenty of options to show your love for your partner this Valentine’s Day. But just in case you’re left scratching your head wondering if you really know your soulmate at all, we’d like to throw another idea into the mix which might be worth a second thought.

Rather than splash out on expensive jewellery or luxury goods. Save yourself some pennies (and the headache) by showing your appreciation for your significant other by something practical.

After all, actions speak louder than words.

Valentine's day gift ideas - dinner at home

Date night, done right.

Taking some time to put effort and time into doing something thoughtful can work wonders.

Whether it be looking after the kids for the day, getting the house in order (a sentence not heard too often) or channelling your inner Nevin Maguire by cooking dinner. These are great ideas for Valentine’s Day.

It’s these simple moments in life that really show how much you care for your partner. The sentiment goes along way and will be appreciated. If you manage to pull it off that is!

Your other half won’t be the only one thanking you; your wallet will feel the love too. In choosing to invest your time rather than money, you’ll be able to control how much you’re splashing out by avoiding last minute frantic dashes into the nearest shop boasting some bling in its window.

Valentine's day present - insurance to protect your loved ones

Is romance really dead?

Not exactly. It has just taken on a new form.

More recently, a new type of gift buying has climbed the rankings. Lately, it’s becoming more popular to show your loved ones just how much you care by choosing to treat them in ways other than material goods. Many modern-day Romeos are trading the run-of-the-mill flowers and chocolate for something with longer term benefits; insurance cover.

Think about it. Offering your spouse peace of mind in knowing your finances are that little bit more taken care will have much more of an effect in the long run than a bunch of roses.

Before you think we’re setting you up for a fall, a study carried out discovered 2 in 3 of those married or couples living together believe buying life insurance to protect their loved one is a key sign of their love for them (Coyne Research, Omnibus December 2017).

Infographic - Coyne research about how Irish couples show their love and attitude to finance and life insurance
Click on the picture to enlarge it

Even at that, it can still be a fun present to treat your Valentine to. We all know someone who is notorious for dropping their smartphones (or smashing them, for some of the more serious cases) with the likelihood some of these being our other-halves. Getting some cover for these culprits can be a way of letting them know you love them, even with the odd spell of butter-fingers coming on now and again.

All you need is love.

In the same vein, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to start laying the foundations for long term plans. What better way to show you’re in it for the long haul than thinking about the years ahead?

It’s the principle behind this thoughtful gesture that goes a long way; letting your husband or wife know you’re keeping them safe and secure. Even if you’re not thinking about children or first home just yet, putting some thought into thinking about the future and how you can fund it will keep at least some of your worries at bay. Make sure to put some planning into this to make sure there’s no suspicions around forgetting the most romantic day of the year. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

To make sure your gift is extra special, think about a clever way for announcing it;

  • For mortgage insurance: gift wrap your house key with ribbon and place it in a keepsafe box.
  • For health cover: book an active day out or couples spa package to make you both feel your best.
  • For financial cover: choose a ornamental piggy bank to represent your savings for your future together.

We would love to hear your gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, let us know what you have planned over at #MyIrishLife.

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