Where To Get The Best Healthy Food In Ireland – 13 Cafes and Restaurants

You’re often not aware what ingredients are being used or how many calories your food contains. And, in a lot of cases, the only healthy option on the menu is the token Caesar salad.

Controlling your diet is hard enough when you’re at home or work and the temptation to give into carbs and cake is everywhere. But when it comes to dining out at restaurants and cafes, this challenge becomes even harder to push through.

You’re often not aware what ingredients are being used or how many calories your food contains. And, in a lot of cases, the only healthy option on the menu is the token Caesar salad.

But over the past few years, restaurant culture in Ireland has adapted to the new movement and trend for healthy eating with raw food/clean eating/sugar-free/vegan restaurants popping up across the country.

In this post, we’re taking a look at some of Ireland’s best healthy eating haunts, so next time you want to indulge, you can do it guilt-free.



This wholefood restaurant is situated conveniently in Dublin city centre and caters for vegetarians, vegans, coeliac and those choosing a raw food lifestyle. Its food is locally grown and organic and the menus are inventive and change daily.

Visit: Cornucopia.ie

Sprout & Co Kitchen

Sprout & Co have already gathered a huge celebrity following thanks to their juice cleanses but their restaurant deserves just as much recognition. They have a great selection of meal options, from their ‘Super Guacabowle’ to their turkey satay bowl and all portions are exceptionally generous.

Visit: Sproutfoodco.com


Chopped is your best bet for a good salad in Dublin. But a Chopped salad isn’t your regular salad – these are on another level, with a huge variety of the finest healthy ingredients to choose from and customise so you have a meal you’re guaranteed to love.

Visit: chopped.ie

Counter Culture

In an effort to help people move away from processed food, Counter Culture serves raw, organic, clean lunches and desserts that are so indulgent it’s hard to believe they’re good for you.

Visit: Counterculture.ie


Incorporating Parisian influences with New York style, Balfes is a chic and stylish spot to grab a bite to eat. Balfes places real emphasis on Irish artisan food and ingredients, serving the best local seafood and quality meats. However, it’s their tempting healthy breakfast menu which really grabs our attention. Treat your body with their energy balls, Bodybyrne granola, muesli or pancakes cooked in coconut oil.

Visit: Balfes.ie


PÓG is a Dublin restaurant that offers healthy, low-calorie options without sacrificing flavour or experience. The food is fresh, low in fat, carbohydrates, gluten-free, GI-free and packed with vitamins and minerals. The menu offers a huge selection of salads as well as the option to build your own meal from their variety of high quality ingredients.

Visit: Ifancyapog.ie

Honest To Goodness Café and Pizzeria

Honest To Goodness is all about good food with natural ingredients and no preservatives, that tastes amazing and leaves you well-fed and happy. As well as sandwiches and salads, Honest also serves pizza cooked in an authentic wood-burning oven with a variety of delicious healthy toppings to choose from.

Visit: Honestogoodness.ie

KC Peaches

KC Peaches firmly believe that the food we consume not only has an impact on our physical health, but our mental wellbeing too. For that reason, all of their food is locally sourced, whole and natural to fuel our bodies and minds. KC Peaches is one of the first and only wholefood café and catering companies in Dublin and have four locations in the heart of the city centre.

Visit: Kcpeaches.com

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The Bare Food Company

The Bare Food Company is a new café which opened in Drogheda in 2015. Following an illness, the founders made positive changes to their diets and wanted to share their newfound appreciation for healthy food with the rest of Drogheda. The food is clean, fresh, free of preservatives and refined sugar and, most importantly, it’s served to you by people who are passionate about helping you get the best from your diet.

Visit: Thebarefoodcompany.ie


The Happy Pear

If you’re interested in health and fitness, chances are you’re familiar with The Happy Pear twins Dave and Steve who have stirred up a digital storm and made quite a name for themselves on social media. In 2004, they opened a healthy café in Greystones which now sees customers flocking from across Ireland to sample their renowned recipes.

Visit: Thehappypear.ie


37 West

With ‘healthy is the new sexy’ as their motto, 37 West believe that food should not only taste amazing but make you feel amazing too. The café is a dynamic spot that’s beautifully designed with spray painted and upcycled furniture and, of course, the food is outstanding too; with meals catering for all dietary requirements.

Visit: 37westcafe.com

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Gasta Good N Healthy

Inspired by the abundance of healthy eateries emerging in London, Gasta Good N Healthy in Limerick was born. The business comprises of a restaurant which puts a healthy spin on traditional fast food, as well as a cookery school, catering for events, a bakery and a meal plan and detox service.

Visit: Gastahealthy.ie



Café Paradiso

Café Paradiso is an award-winning Cork restaurant by celebrity chef and TV personality Denis Cotter. Café Paradiso specialises in exceptional vegetarian cuisine. The menu is so well-thought-out and creative that even staunch carnivores are guaranteed a memorable experience.

Visit: Paradiso.restaurant

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