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18 Ridiculous Health Tips Your Mammy Probably Told You

Mammies really are the fountain of all knowledge. They know everything there is to know about everything and they don’t hesitate to give you their opinion – regardless of whether you ask for it or not.

The topic of health seems to be a particular area of expertise among the Irish mother. Our mammies know every symptom of every illness and they can tell you the cure for any kind of ailment. Somehow they know more than even the most seasoned GP.

However, as you get a little older and learn a bit more about the world, you start to realise that your mammy’s advice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and doesn’t seem to be based on any actual science…

Here are 18 of the most common ‘health tips’ your mammy probably told you as a child:

1. “Ah sure, a glass of flat 7up will settle your stomach.”


2. “Would ye take your coat off you or it’ll be no use to you when you go outside.”


3. “Don’t be sitting on that cold ground or you’ll get a chill in your kidneys!”


4. “You have to starve a fever and feed a cold….Or is it the other way around? Oh, it doesn’t matter. Eat some toast and you’ll feel better.”


5. “Are ye mad? Don’t go out in the cold with wet hair, you’ll catch your death.”


6. *To a pregnant lady* “Oh, heartburn eh? He’s gonna be a hairy one!”


7. “Sit back from that TV or your eyes will go square.”


8. “Put a hat on. Don’t you know all your heat escapes through your head?!”


9. “Don’t read in that dim light. You’ll ruin your eyesight.”


10. “Teething baby? A drop of whiskey on her gums will stop the howling.”


11. “Don’t eat cheese before bed. You’ll have nightmares!”


12. “Eat some carrots. They’ll help you see in the dark.”


13. “Eat your crusts. They’ll give you curly hair.”


14. “You wouldn’t be going swimming after eating. You’ll get a cramp! Wait half an hour sure.”


15. “If you swallow that chewing gum it won’t come out for seven years.”


16. “Don’t make that face. If the wind changes, it’ll stay that way.”


17. “Would you stop cracking your knuckles, it’ll give you arthritis.”


18. “Ah now. It’s nothing a cup of tea won’t sort out.”

What ‘health advice’ did your mammy give you? Let us know on social media by using the hashtag #myIrishlife

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  1. Marie Curran says

    All the above was told to me by my mother and her mother probably have told her them and so on. Some of them make a bit of sense.


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