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How To Live Longer – 8 Things Every Irish Person Can Do

According to studies from the World Health Organisation, the average Irish person has a pretty lengthy life expectancy of 81.4 years. We rank just above our UK neighbours and are set to outlive Americans by just short of two years. By now we’re all aware that there is no secret or fountain of youth which can grant us eternal life but we do know that eating well, quitting smoking, drinking less and generally being good to ourselves can help. Of course, not all of us are quite willing to give up that beloved Friday night trip to the pub followed by a greasy takeaway. And, as we’re all about balance, we’ve put together our ‘how to live longer ‘ advice, with reasonable and practical tips. Hopefully we can help make your 81.4 years as long, full and healthy as possible without having to sacrifice any of the fun stuff. 1. Eat less The Japanese have the highest life expectancy of all other nations at 83.7 years. Research by those who study longevity have found that …