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11 healthy types of tea – all available in Ireland

  Read time: 3 minutes It could be argued that there’s nothing quite as Irish as a good cup of tea. In fact, we are the biggest tea drinking nation in the entire world, per capita. Ask your mammy and she’ll tell you that it can solve everything. A bad day, a break up, the economy, world politics? Ah, have a cup of tea and it’ll be grand. And while there’s nothing wrong with a traditional cup of Barry’s with milk and sugar, there are some healthier herbal alternatives which can push weight loss, help your body to detox, boost your hydration and aid your digestive systems. What Is Herbal Tea? Herbal teas are usually a blend of leaves, seeds and roots. When you drink a herbal tea, you get all the benefits of the plants in a way which is more digestible and pleasant than chewing on grass, leaves or bark. Benefits Of Herbal Tea There are many different types of herbal teas, each with their own individual health benefits determined by their ingredients. …


10 things you couldn’t have predicted about being a parent

It’s the most wonderful moment of your life – becoming a parent. But there are things that nobody speaks about, nobody really tells you about what the future has in store for you. So here are ten things that you probably didn’t see coming! Your favourite clothes will all have a €2 sized indelible white patch on the shoulder Baby burps. They’re toxic – particularly to silk, cashmere and cotton – basically anything that you might put in the category of ‘good clothes’. Oh sure, you’ll try burping them with a tea towel on your shoulder and that’ll be fine until they’re windy and you’re off on a rare night out. Who knew babies burped up bleach?     When people say you’re looking well they silently think ‘…considering’ Which is to say considering what you’ve been through. Considering the fact that having to look after a small incapable human is not a full time job – it’s a twenty four hour, seven days a week sentenc!. Which means that the normal social niceties such …