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Can we predict the future?

Read time: 3 minutes ‘Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future’ Niels Bohr You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winning physicist to figure out that predicting the future is a near impossible task, but that doesn’t stop us trying to do so – particularly here in Ireland, so we’ve looked at some ways we try to do so and if there’s any point.  If you carry low, it’s a boy Of all the things people like to predict, the sex of your unborn child is right up the top. The height of your bump, the amount of morning sickness, the heartbeat of your unborn – even the rotation of your suspended wedding ring are all signs apparently. Except they’re not. You have to bear in mind that all those soothsayers have a 50% chance of being right (give or take a few hundredths). Reading your Horoscope Which is still something that 34% of us do each day. In truth, the belief that the stars influence what happens to us here …


10 little things you can do to protect your child’s future

  Read time: 5 minutes You learn a lot of things when you start a family – some of those things are good, some are bad and some are just downright surprising. Who knew you could function on two hours sleep or leave the house without caring that you’re covered in baby vomit? Perhaps the most unexpected thing about becoming a parent is overwhelming sense of worry you suddenly experience. As it’s now your sole job to keep this tiny little human alive you become concerned about every action you take and how it will impact their immediate safety as well as their future. Of course, there is no right way to do the whole parenting thing and no real way of knowing whether you’re actually doing a good job.  That said, there are some very simple actions you can take to ensure your child has the best chance for a more a safer and more positive future. Phone skills Although most children can use phones and technology more intuitively than we can as adults, it’s …


11 healthy types of tea – all available in Ireland

  Read time: 3 minutes It could be argued that there’s nothing quite as Irish as a good cup of tea. In fact, we are the biggest tea drinking nation in the entire world, per capita. Ask your mammy and she’ll tell you that it can solve everything. A bad day, a break up, the economy, world politics? Ah, have a cup of tea and it’ll be grand. And while there’s nothing wrong with a traditional cup of Barry’s with milk and sugar, there are some healthier herbal alternatives which can push weight loss, help your body to detox, boost your hydration and aid your digestive systems. What Is Herbal Tea? Herbal teas are usually a blend of leaves, seeds and roots. When you drink a herbal tea, you get all the benefits of the plants in a way which is more digestible and pleasant than chewing on grass, leaves or bark. Benefits Of Herbal Tea There are many different types of herbal teas, each with their own individual health benefits determined by their ingredients. …